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What the Government Shutdown Means for VISA Workers

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

The government has officially shut-down and this means more than not being able to visit National Parks and other government-operated attractions.

Many workforce companies apply for visas every year in hopes of getting as many hard-working people as possible. As the government shuts down, visas may still be issued and "will remain operational as long as there are sufficient fees to support operations."

Every year it gets harder to receive the employees companies need for landscaping, construction, hospitality, manufacturing, etc. The labor shortage in Utah continues to grow and the staffing companies are out of options. They cannot find anyone to work in labor intensive jobs.

It was last year that the president of Hercules Workforce Solutions was searching for better options. He was continuing to get less and less workers through visas for his landscaping company of over 50 years. The idea came about to recruit and relocate Puerto Ricans into Utah to work for his landscaping company. They don't need visas. They are U.S. Citizens. They need work.

In 2017, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. Many hard working people are still out of work and are looking for other ways to support themselves and their families. Right after the hurricane, FEMA stepped in to help give people work, while also rebuilding the territory. The one-year contract with FEMA has ended and many skilled workers have no jobs. There is an endless amount of skill and hard-work in Puerto Rico and we want to give those people opportunities.

Hercules is doing more than just staffing and recruiting. We are taking two problems and solving them with one long-term solution. Our entire company is built around helping people in need connect with companies in need. We want to set our workers up for success. We provide an airfare advance, apartments, and many other items that they may need once they arrive here.

The visa application program is continuing to be a treacherous path that is both expensive and unpredictable. Hercules is stepping in to help this problem and create an easy and affordable solution. The visa process takes months and you may not even receive what you are asking for. With Hercules, our process in completed in only 14 days. Yes, 14 days. We have staff in both Utah and Puerto Rico in constant communication to interview, screen, and drug test potential candidates for positions.

There is no telling whether the fees will continue to support visa programs until the government is back in full-function. Spring is creeping up and you may need workers fast. Hercules is a great option to get workers fast and have a long-term staffing solution.

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