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Who We Are

Are you looking to hire reliable long term employees?

Hercules Staffing has multiple ways of finding the right person to fulfill your labor shortage needs.

Hercules Staffing seeks out qualified US workers.

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Marriott Hotels (Provo)

It has been a wonderful experience working with you and your team. You have been accommodating to our needs and acclimated to our industry.  Those individuals you have sent over to become part of our workforce, have shown professionalism and are a joy to work with.

Thank you,

- Maria Friedrich

Working in the Warehouse

Our Services

Connecting You with Skilled Workers Everywhere

Hercules can provide reliable workers for you and your staff. We search all over the world to find those in need of work who are qualified, attentive workers.

We interview and orientate every employee. This includes doing background and reference checks as well as educating on work responsibilities and company policies.


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Why Choose Us

At Hercules Staffing, we make hiring easy and effective. Here’s why you should choose us

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12 Month Contract

Enjoy stability with our simple 12-month contracts, ensuring a consistent and reliable workforce.

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Worker Flexibility

Whether you need full-time, part-time, or temporary workers, we adapt to your needs, providing the right people when you need them.

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Our cost-effective solutions ensure you get top-quality workers without breaking the bank.

Trusted Clients of Hercules Staffing

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Corporate Office

730 S Sleepy Ridge Dr

Suite 215 (Second Floor)

Orem, UT 84059

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