Hercules Employee Fulfillment

The question was simple, where can we find reliable quality laborers?  


After a two-year effort of trying different approaches, with more shortcomings than success, we are excited to have found a process that our company is now focused on that has proven to a sure-fire winner.  


We have teamed with an advocacy group in providing employment for legal immigrants who are in the process of obtaining their permanent resident card (often called a green card).  This visa program is called the EB3, which provides a legal path for employment for immigrants from all countries.  It is employment based and generally takes one to two years to receive.  Hercules has qualified and been approved by the government as an approved EB3 employer.  During that time period the employer (Hercules) is contracted with to provide steady full time work until the applicant completes the process with the U.S. government.  To remain in the program, the workers are obligated to be in good standing and be consistent with their approved employer.  


We have found these workers to be outstanding and the best which is what the governments EB3 program goal is.  We are also proud that this program fits our company mission statement - which is “connecting people in need with companies in need.”  In one short year, we have grown to 100 employees with 200 more applying to get in the program.  We have great workers!


At Hercules we offer many different positions to these EB3 workers and match them with companies who we are under contract with.  The contracts for the workers and companies are generally 1-2 years to match the EB3 timing and process.  At the end of the contract, the worker and the client are free to continue employment independent of Hercules or go their separate ways.

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